Long Beach Township Hopes for Permit to Allow ‘Emergency Quick Fix’ of Terminal Groin in Holgate

Oct 03, 2018
File Photo by: Ryan Morrill

Citing erosion on LBI’s south end, Long Beach Township has applied for an emergency permit to repair the terminal groin in Holgate, and is currently awaiting an answer from U.S. Fish and Wildlife, in coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection. According to Long Beach Township Mayor Joseph Mancini, the permit would allow for the installation of steel sheathing along the length of the existing groin, known as Wooden Jetty.

“We need an emergency quick fix,” Mancini said on Monday.

As the mayor noted last month, “The current groin,” which is made of wood and stone, “is rotted out; it’s shot.”

Ed Voigt, public and legislative affairs officer for the Army Corps, confirmed that U.S. Fish and Wildlife is at this moment deciding whether to issue the permit to allow just for the sheathing replacement.

However, Mancini said the township will also “continue the long process of permitting” for a complete overhaul of the groin. The municipality wants to remove the existing structure “and construct a new, larger terminal groin using steel sheeting, core stone and armor stone (including re-use of existing stone),” as a USACE notice reads.

“The applicant (Long Beach Township) has stated that the existing deteriorating terminal groin is insufficient to slow long-shore transport of nourished beach sand to the south. … The project site is located on the oceanfront beach at the southern terminus of Long Beach Boulevard, just south of Cleveland Avenue in the Holgate section of Long Beach Township.”

As proposed, the new groin would measure 100 feet wide, extending approximately 605 feet from an existing wooden bulkhead near the southern end of the adjacent public parking lot. The groin would stretch approximately 490 feet waterward of the mean high water line and 380 feet beyond the mean low water line.

This larger-scale project has support from many Holgate residents. As Holgate Taxpayers Association President Dan Macone noted, “Despite multiple replenishments and truckloads of sand, the erosion of the beaches at the south end of Holgate is becoming critical. … The township and Mayor Mancini have been fighting for a new terminal groin to replace the wooden jetty. This groin is intended to greatly slow the erosion of sand and to stabilize the beach.”

Other Islanders, meanwhile, have requested, via a Change.org petition, that the “permit for the construction of the new Wooden Jetty (is put) on hold,” and that a public hearing is held to discuss alternative options. The petition notes concern for water quality, “fish and wildlife values,” aesthetics and effect on recreation, particularly the “historic surfing” at Wooden Jetty. —J.K.-H.

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