Lots of Trash

Jun 14, 2017
Photo by: Margaret Buchholz This is a small sampling of the trash recently picked along the bay in Harvey Cedars.

To the Editor:

Along with a half-dozen members of the Harvey Cedars Activity Committee, over a dozen state Department of Environmental Protection and Johnson & Johnson volunteers and four lifeguards, I helped clean up non-bulkheaded bayfront land on May 31. We gathered a huge pile of lumber, a 5-foot-tall outside shower with pipes attached and dozens of bags of waterfront debris.

The amount of stuff I picked up on three small street-end beaches surprised me, although I guess Superstorm Sandy trash continues to slosh around the bay. But the number of plastic water bottle caps was appalling. Do people conscientiously put their water bottles in the recycling bin, but toss the caps overboard or on the street where they wash into the storm drains and from there to the bay? There were hundreds just on two small beaches.

On a historical note, just a week earlier a resident found what we used to call a “yellow bomb” mixed in with all the seaweed on the bay beach by his house. It is a cylindrical glass tube filled with a yellow purifying powder used to sterilize water during World War II. When I was a kid we’d find handfuls of them on the beach. When we threw one on the street we got a small, satisfying explosion.

Margaret Buchholz

Harvey Cedars

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