Lucky LBI Addresses

Feb 22, 2017

To the Editor:

I have read so many letters complaining about the ZIP code and addresses on LBI (including “What’s My Address? No Easy Answer on LBI,” 2/8).

First of all, consider yourself lucky to have an address on LBI! Many New Jerseyans would trade places with you, postal issues and all, in a heartbeat.

Also, I think consistency is the key for residents on the Island going forward. Pick one “version” of your address and stick with it. Perhaps in the past, long-time residents have even used various addresses themselves, not foreseeing future e-commerce exploding the way it has.

The postal service offers LBI residents a four-digit add-on ZIP code. Perhaps, that is the answer.

Just quit complaining that you live on LBI and have this issue. It’s worth dealing with it to have the privilege of living on this gorgeous island.

Margaret Mills

Ship Bottom 08008

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