Magical Haven

Apr 19, 2017

To the Editor:

Thank you, Jeanette Lloyd, for writing your “Bravo, Beach Haven” letter last week. 

After reading Howard Buerkle’s doom and gloom commentary about our beloved town’s dismal future (“Bringing Back Beach Haven Business Requires Work”), I was pleased to turn the page and read the intelligent writings of someone who truly loves and appreciates our beautiful little borough. We are so lucky to be connected to such a magical haven. Anyone who does not see that is missing out on a great pleasure.  

So many of us work so very hard to build business in Beach Haven. I believe we have made great strides in that direction.

My home is just off the Boulevard and one block from a traffic light. I have watched the number of cars leaving Beach Haven on Labor Day for my entire life, so believe me when I tell you there are far fewer cars leaving Beach Haven in September than ever before. No one will need to turn off the lights.

September and October are two of the best months that our island has to offer. The weather is great. The fishing and surfing are great. There are more festivals and activities planned and executed than any other time of year.

Beach Haven also offers a wonderful destination wedding venue in the spring and fall, as well as a quaint, old-fashioned, small town holiday season in December, loaded with family activities.

It saddens me to think of how many of our tourists may have read this very negative commentary published on a holiday weekend. I can only hope that they turned the page and read Jeanette Lloyd’s letter, as I did.

Lisa Mack

Beach Haven Gardens


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