Magical Weekend

Oct 11, 2017

To the Editor:

This past weekend’s LBI FLY was a glorious example of family fun and, Island-wide, pure pleasure as many of us enjoyed the sight and wonderment of hundreds of unusual and ingenious kites flying over our beaches and tethered to the sand. The whole Island was full of smiling faces and it was magical to behold.

The Night Fly was a special treat and we feel privileged to have witnessed it and to think that it was here on LBI.               

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire crew who brought us this fabulous event. We know it did not spring fully formed out of nowhere but was the result of hard work and at great cost to everyone involved. We are so appreciative.

As a PR and marketing specialist, I can’t help wondering why more of the Island’s business owners and restaurants, especially those in the areas around the center of the kite flying beaches, are not more involved in sponsoring various portions of the weekend. These businesses, and actually all of the Island, benefit from the LBI FLY and should, for their own benefit, participate in making this weekend even more well known and more exciting to potential visitors. The return on investment is great and the PR benefit is monumental.

I am not personally involved with LBI FLY, but I am so happy to have this event on LBI and I wish it all the continued success. LBI business owners, get on board: get involved, become sponsors, offer specials for the weekend at your rentals, motels and restaurants. Let’s keep a great thing going and getting better every year.

Arlene Schragger

Harvey Cedars


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