Makes No Sense

Nov 08, 2017

To the Editors:

The Republicans unveiled their tax plan last week, and are on record as targeting the “liberal” coastal states to pay for their gifts to businesses and wealthy individuals. Their justification is that these beneficiaries will “spend” their windfall on job-producing investments that will finally grow our economy.

But wait a minute, there was a lot of good economic news this week showing that unemployment is down to 4 percent, job creation is up and GDP growth last quarter was 3 percent. So why do we need a tax giveaway at all?

The economy seems to be doing just fine; we are already at theoretical full employment. And given the administration’s attitude toward immigration, who is going to fill those new jobs that Congress and the president want to create? It makes no sense. In face, I’ll give my $1,200 tax break to anyone who can explain it.

Tom McArdle

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