Making Amends

Dec 06, 2017

 To the Editor:

I would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s Ship Bottom Christmas Parade. It was my second parade as Capt. Dirk Blackman, “Pirate of LBI,” and I would like to explain why I participate in the parade.

For my entire adult life, and some juvenile parts, I was, and possibly still am, a blight on our Island community. In the last four years I have wanted to make amends to those I have wronged. There are so many individuals to whom I must personally apologize. Morally and monetarily, it will take time. So as you read this, be patient. I will get to you.

But for now, making thousands of the Island’s children and adults smile and get a trinket, pirate hat or sword not only does wonders for my ego but is priceless in my attempt to regain self-respect and reputation. I am still not totally free of my character defects. I am trying. Thirty-five years of misbehavior is hard to change in four years.

Thanks to all the hard work by parade volunteers. By the way, whose idea was it this year to put “The Pirate” behind the Ocean County sheriff’s patrol boat? Lol!

Remember, keep your sails full, your powder dry and your cutlass sharp! Aarghh!

Randy Brown

Spray Beach

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