Meet The Drill Sergeant, Oceanside Carpet Steamers at LBI Open House

Childhood Friends in Peru, Success Stories in U.S.
By MARIA SCANDALE | May 09, 2018
Photos by: Maria Scandale

The Drill Sergeant Cleaning Services, also home of Oceanside Carpet Steamers, is holding a grand opening of their new showroom at 518 Central Ave., Ship Bottom, on Saturday, May 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The two businesses are operated separately, but their owners have been friends since the age of 5 in their hometown of Lima, Peru. Both enterprises were already established before setting up in the spacious, centrally located showroom, but both have grown steadily due to excellent customer reviews.

The grand opening is a chance to get to know the company operators, watch demonstrations and video of services and see the new display of flooring and carpets, plus enjoy free hot dogs and ice cream. A raffle for free housecleaning and free carpet cleaning will be drawn at the end of the event.

Some customers who call for housecleaning also need their carpets cleaned, or vice-versa; yet the businesses also get clients separately. Cleaning of homes, carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, windows and boat carpets, plus powerwashing, sales and installation of carpet and flooring, rental changeover cleaning, construction cleaning – all are services offered.

The Drill Sergeant Cleaning Services is so named in reference to the post that owner Michael Yllanes was once offered. He immigrated to America from Peru at age 21 and served two deployments of Army artillery combat in Iraq. His medical discharge led to starting his own business in 2012. The company dedicates a portion of its profits to a veterans fund.

“We are an entity created by professional people with military values. Our core is to serve our communities the same way we have served our country, with pride, with respect, and most of all honesty,” the web page states. “Our goal is to provide only high quality residential and commercial cleaning services and to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Until this year, the business was based at the Yllanes home in Barnegat. Yllanes and his wife, Lizeth, speak with pride of the integrity that built their company to the point of opening the showroom and office in Ship Bottom.

“To be honest, we are very hardworking people, and the people who work for us are very hardworking people,” said Lizeth, a mother of three children. “They are honest and reliable, as are my husband and I.”

“You do what you promise and people will appreciate it,” Yllanes added. “We deliver what we promise, and on time. We do believe you need to be professional in what you do, all the time in every single aspect from the beginning to the end – that’s a nice feeling.”

The customer’s satisfaction is very important, so company operators call clients after the cleaning to make sure they are satisfied. “Details” lead to a job well done.

They hire and train ample help to service the demand. “We believe in being there for the client whenever they need it, so we also hired someone to help us with the phones,” Yllanes said.

“It could be a new client, it could be an old client who is just calling with a simple question, so it’s very important that the phone call has to be returned.”

The showroom doubles as a welcoming area for clients to sit down and have a cup of coffee while they see photos and videos of cleaning in progress.

Employees, who get paid vacation days and a year-round job, are chosen carefully before they are trained, yet many are already known to the owners.

“When we hire someone, we do a deep interview, and most of the people who work for us, they’re related somehow, so from the beginning we know about their background,” Yllanes said.

Added his wife, “For us it’s important to be trustworthy and honest because we do go to a lot of our clients when they’re not there; we have even million-dollar houses that our clients trust us with. To this day we haven’t had any incidents.”

Concluded Yllanes, “We take it personal. Your house is like our house, and we do take care of their house the same way we would want our house to be taken care of.”

The phone number is 609-342-0208. is the website.

Oceanside Carpet Steamers:

Success By Work, Work Ethic

This year, Oceanside Carpet Steamers shares showroom space with longtime friends The Drill Sergeant Cleaning Services in Ship Bottom, but watch for them to achieve their next goal of their own showroom at the south end of the Island.

There, they will have more room to display the samples of carpet, vinyl, laminate and hardwood that they sell and install – in addition to the carpet cleaning aspect.

Oceanside Carpet Steamers is a success story – Wagner Pachas immigrated from Peru and came to Lodi, where he learned both carpet cleaning and installation at one of the top companies in North Jersey.

That’s where his 22 years of experience in the industry started before establishing his own company seven years ago with his wife, Patty, based from their home on Hannah Lee Road in Barnegat. Patty is also a Spanish teacher at the MATES Academy of the Ocean County Vocational-Technical School, and she is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling.

“We are a highly experienced carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning company. We provide our customers with services that revive and restore their environments at home and work,” the description states.

“Our goal is customer satisfaction” through “reliable and high quality service,” the website adds. “Oceanside Carpet Steamers believes that the service we provide must be the best you can get.”

Customer testimonials back that up. So does their resume – walk into the newly done Kubels Too on Long Beach Island and see the flooring that the company was hired to provide and install. A major builder calls them for construction finish cleanups. They were chosen for various retirement housing complexes on the mainland as well.

The Facebook page “Oceanside Carpet Steamers Pachas” is the best place for prospective customers to see the results by watching videos of floors in transformation.

The $30,000 steam cleaner new in 2017 brings carpet back to life. Its water is heated to 240 degrees.

Pachas credits the powerful machine for “making the difference”  – that and the solutions he uses, “and myself,” he said,  referring to the drive to do the job well.

Professional solutions are applied to treat specific stains. “We take out anything.” That has included blood, wine, urine, rust, grease – and some that he wasn’t told the identity of.

“People sometimes don’t tell me. I’ve got a lot of kinds of solutions; if I’m not sure what it is, I’ll try different bottles.”

Said his wife, who has explained the process to potential clients and who still sometimes helps after school, “Everything is professional. We go to one of the major companies for solutions, and it’s in Pennsylvania. Wagner drives himself if he needs the product and he doesn’t have it; he either pays for 24-hour delivery or he goes himself. That’s how important it is for him to bring good products.”

The truck-mounted system brings only the hoses into the house, and Pachas and his small crew cover them to make sure they don’t damage any wall corners in the client’s home.

“I like to be on every single job,” he said. “Maybe I’m not going to stay there the whole time, but I’m going to be there to make sure everything is run perfect.”

Oftentimes customers are surprised that the finished carpet is dry so quickly. They can walk on it with socks less than an hour later. Quality drying equipment achieves that.

When the company was starting out, Patty Pachas wanted to be assured that the cleaning products were safe for the family and clients’ pets, “as a mom and so I could tell the clients so they could trust the products.”

She went to a seminar to learn all she could about the “green” products. The couple uses them in their own home.

Her own success is also an interesting story. She came to America before Wagner did.

“I came here as a teenager; my mom came with me. As a single mom, she worked very hard, and I guess looking at that, she kind of inspired me to do better.

“She would always say to me, because she was a cleaning lady in Upper Saddle River, ‘Look at this beautiful office and these beautiful buildings that I’m cleaning, but you’re not going to clean; you’re going to work in one of them.

“I was 16; I was like, yeah, yeah, but as time went by, I said, she made all these sacrifices so I could go to college. So I did go to college.”

But she also didn’t want to give up lending a hand in the family business that her husband was building. Now daughter Chelsea, at 15, is getting involved in some aspects. There’s still time for fun. Wagner Pachas owns the ice cream truck that will be at the grand opening May 12.

The website is; the phone number is 609-661-3269.

“What makes my job very easy is when the clients are so happy, and they hug me and sometimes they kiss me,” Wagner Pachas said with a laugh. “I feel like I’m doing a very good job.”

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