Memorable Meetings

Sep 21, 2016

To the Editor:

I met Hillary Clinton nine years ago this month. I was in Atlantic City for a state-wide Democratic convention and she was an invited guest. I remember it distinctly because my mother was in the hospital having surgery. I wasn’t sure if I should cancel the convention, but I was assured by good friends that they would be there and she would be fine. The surgery went well.

As I waited on line to greet her, I was impressed with her poise. More, I was impressed by her winning smile. When she came to me, I took her hand and told her my mother was also an admirer and would vote for her. I mentioned the surgery. She took my hand and gave me a smile. She signed her name and said, “Wish your mother well.” She never mentioned anything about a vote. I gave my mother that piece of paper and I remember the smile on her face. My mother passed a few weeks later from complications.

The following spring I had another opportunity to meet Hillary Clinton. This time it was in NYC at the Hilton. Again, when she came around, I reminded her of our brief encounter. I told her, if my mother were here, she would ... and Hillary finished my sentence. “She would have told me to keep going.” She took my hand again and said, “I’ll remember that.”

The Hillary Clinton I met is a warm, caring person. That she is more prepared for the presidency than her husband or our sitting president is acknowledged by them. No sexism here. Her expertise and intelligence are what we need in a world focused on terrorism, the need for a continued growth in the economy and a plan for climate change run with the help of scientists. I would ask you to pay attention to the debates and cast a vote for Hillary Clinton on your mail-in ballot or on Nov. 8.

Barbara Truncellito

Barnegat Light


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