Minimum Wage Woes

Feb 06, 2019

To the Editor:

Back in the 1950s, entry-level jobs paid 60 cents an hour. A candy bar was 10 cents; a loaf of bread, 15 cents; a gallon of gas, 27 cents; a basic, stripped pickup, new, $1,800. Fast forward to 2000 and all you need to do is add a zero to all costs.

Costs are worse now. Entry-level jobs are $8.80 an hour. What has our governor done? The minimum wage will be $10 an hour in July and in a few years, $15. You can expect to pay more for all you buy, since everything is relative.

Those who are retired will be hurt the most. You can’t expect Social Security to keep up with the runaway inflation this move will trigger. To top it off, add in the effects of the import tariffs, which are an added-on tax to retail prices.

These moves will hurt, not help, the working poor and retired – heck, everyone but the wealthy.

Al Irvine


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