Jan 09, 2019

To the Editor:

During our only 2018 candidate forum, hosted by Brighton at Barnegat, Committeeman Pipi suggested that Dan Ward and I were advocating turning Barnegat into a “sanctuary city.” This was also a talking point promoted in their campaign literature.

It was, at best, a misrepresentation of a comment from the candidate forum at the high school in 2017’s campaign. At worst it was a simple fabrication, which is not surprising considering that the leader of their party now lies an average of more than 10 times a day.

Illegal immigration is the cover story (and fear tactic) for the extreme right’s fear of changing demographics that will likely render their future control of government impossible. The “wall” is now the president’s excuse for a partial government shutdown.

History demonstrates that walls don’t work. The U.S. border consists of 6,634 miles of land border and another 12,383 miles of coastline. Many elected Republican officials recognize the wall, in any form, is a waste of our resources. We’d get a much better return by spending that money on repairing our transportation systems and other infrastructure.

The recent surge of immigrants would have been better addressed by sending additional personnel to process claims, rather than sending our troops to build wire fences. Very few applicants meet the requirements to enter based on asylum, but they should get the fair hearing we promise.

Immigration reform is needed. Rather than distracting the public by pursuing the “fake” wall, we would do much better to seek real solutions.

About half (no one knows the exact number) of the undocumented immigrant population entered legally on visas (Kevin McCarthy acknowledged this on Aug. 15, 2018). We should begin by holding those accountable who are benefiting most. That would be employers taking advantage of undocumented residents. The penalties on employers for hiring such “illegals” should be extreme, perhaps existential, instead of giving them a pass.

Looks like Trump National Golf Club might be a good place to start.

Paul K. Whitcraft


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