Money Talks: Surf City Approves On-Call Pay, Salary Increase

Aug 15, 2018

With sport camps starting and college campuses getting ready for a new year, many local communities and businesses are losing summer help. To reward those who work the entire summer season, the Surf City Borough Council last week passed a resolution authorizing on-call pay.

The resolution impacts lifeguards, beach badge sellers and Class I and II Code Enforcement officers, who have worked for the summer and will continue to work until the end of the summer season, generally Labor Day.

Meanwhile, a mandated tax reassessment will cost the borough $28,000 over the next two years. On Aug. 8, the council unanimously approved a two-year $14,000 salary hike for the borough tax assessor due to a mandated reassessment order from county and state officials, which will impact the 2019 tax year.

“We were told this has to be done,” Mayor William Hodgson informed the council prior to the vote. “We have no choice.”

Earlier this summer, Hodgson told the Surf City Taxpayer’s Association the reassessment would be done in-house with the expected price tag for the project to be around $110,000. The reassessment will be conducted by Borough Tax Assessor Walter R. Higgins and M&M Assessment Services.

In a letter to homeowners, Higgins said the revaluation will ensure uniform and equitable assessments throughout the borough and account for recent changes in the real estate market. The first inspection will occur between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Field inspectors will have a photo identification card, and their names will be registered with the police department and the borough. If a property owner isn’t home at the time, the inspector will leave a letter indicating where to call to schedule an appointment for the interior inspection. —G.G.S.

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