More Horror Stories

Feb 12, 2017

To the Editor:

While the entire country is caught up in the chaos caused by Donald Trump’s orders on the “Muslim ban” and the controversy over his nominees for various cabinet appointments, several additional horror stories are unfolding under the radar about which the American public needs to be aware.

Do you know that Social Security recipients who are unable to take care of their own affairs because they are schizophrenic are no longer banned from purchasing a gun?

Do you know that manufacturers can now dump their manufacturing waste products into our rivers and streams without any consequences?

Do you know that the Department of Agriculture no longer has a website where a puppy buyer can check to see if the person selling the animal is reputable or just a “puppy mill”?

I guess Donald Trump will make America great again by giving people jobs cleaning up dirty streams which manufacturers will pollute, making animal control officers round up the untrainable dogs being sold, and teaching people how to clean up the carnage left by mentally ill people who shoot their neighbors and family with now legally purchased guns.

We are certainly living in an alternative reality these past several weeks into Donald Trump’s administration. Everything good and safe and sane is being torn down, torn apart and destroyed just because he can.

I fear that our children and grandchildren will live in a less healthy, less cultured and less safe USA – this is not the best of times!

Arlene Schragger

Harvey Cedars

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