Movie Biz Magazine Says LBI Film Festival Is One of Coolest Film Festivals in the World

Jul 18, 2018
File Photo by: Jack Reynolds

The Lighthouse International Film Festival has been declared world-class by no less of an authority than MovieMaker Magazine. The Burbank-based quarterly’s 2018 summer issue includes an article titled “25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” and ranked the LIFF 14th.

“Shoring up support from film enthusiasts, moviemakers, and industry players and critics alike, Long Beach Island, New Jersey’s Lighthouse International Film Festival stages its action in the Garden State’s own ‘Surf City,’ where locals have been annoyed by vacationing shoobies since time immemorial,” said MovieMaker. “(‘The programmers and staff are respected cinephiles,’ says a panelist, so at least LIFF’s own self-designed film community doesn’t have an interloper quality to it.) This year, attendees networked and noshed during limoncello making classes, an Amalfi Coast dinner, and wine-tasting sessions with a Manhattan view, all of which fueled fundraising on the occasion of the fest’s 10-year anniversary.”

MovieMaker’s staff had to travel only 7½ miles from Burbank to find its coolest film festival, awarding the top spot to Hollywood’s American Film Institute Fest.

The cities hosting the other Top 25 festivals included Silver Spring, Md.; Miami; Zagreb, Croatia; Nassau, Bahamas; Brooklyn; Knoxville, Tenn.; Lansing, Mich.; Chicago; San Francisco (twice); Boston, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Milwaukee; Olympia, Wash.; Provincetown, Mass. (which checked in at 17 – beating out Cape Cod is sure to give LBI residents a sense of pride); New York City (twice; three times if you count the Pride of the Ocean Film Festival, which takes place on a cruise ship that departs from the Big Apple); Sarasota, Fla.; Sonoma, Calif.; Tel Aviv, Israel; Columbia, Mo.; and Zurich, Switzerland. —R.M.

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