Moving Memorial

Jul 12, 2017

To the Editor:

On July 4 our family drove by a group of approximately 30 to 40 men, women and children of all ages riding along Beach Avenue in Beach Haven. Many of the group wore colorful T-shirts that said “In memory of Jonathan.”

There was no police escort, no banners or large signs, just a bunch of people enjoying a ride together on a nice holiday. The ride appeared leisurely and there was some conversation and laughter amongst the group. I made a quiet assumption that it was in memory of a child from some unthinkable tragedy who had enjoyed bike riding.

At the corner of Beach Avenue and East MacEvoy Lane, a man on a bike in one of the T-shirts had stopped to take pictures. I told him this was a nice ride and asked what was it about. He replied that the ride was for his son. After offering our sympathies we drove away, but I remained curious. I searched the Internet the best I could with little results: no foundation, no social media sites, etc.

I would just like that man, his family and all those who were riding to know that they were on my mind throughout the day. I was really moved that a group came together with little fanfare to share some time for a person who is not physically present to see it. I am sure he was looking down on them as they were looking up at him.

Bryan Hoffmann

South River, N.J.


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