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By SandPaper, The | Mar 27, 2013

Artists For a Shore Cause is a grass roots artists movement created to help Jersey Shore communities affected by Super Storm Sandy. Many homes and small businesses suffered from severe flood damage causing families to be displaced and forced businesses to close.  Small family run businesses make up the majority of the Jersey Shore seasonal tourist economy. For a successful recovery it is vital for these businesses to reopen as soon as possible to bring tourists back to the region and families back to their homes.


Kids Needs More Art in Jupiter, FL, is working with the m.t.burton gallery to raise money to support the efforts of two non-profit organizations leading the rebuilding efforts on Long Beach Island and in Ocean County.  Simultaneous benefit exhibitions will be held in NJ and FL with the proceeds from the sale of donated art going to, Jetty + Waves 4 Water and Waves of Hope.


Jetty + W4W is helping the Long Beach Island community with all phases of rebuilding after Super Storm Sandy.  Waves of Hope is committed to serving the needs of families and individuals impacted by Super Storm Sandy during the long term disaster recovery process throughout Ocean County, NJ.


Artists For a Shore Cause, opening reception at the m.t.burton gallery, 1819 N. Long Beach Blvd., Surf City, will be on Saturday, June 1st, from 6 - 9 pm. Donated art is available for purchase now through the summer season.


Call 609-494-0006 or visit


Artist For a Shore Cause, event page. Click Below


MT Burton Gallery fan page to see donated art that is
currently available to purchase by clinking the link below



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