My LBI Fix

Jul 19, 2017

Stay at the Buccaneer Motel in Spray Beach,

with the perfect view of the bay.

If we only stayed two overnights,

I promised not to be greedy,

and want more.

I would have the sight of the bay,

seagulls, kayakers, sailboats –

then climb up and down the dune

to the sandy beach – enjoy

the sound of breaking waves.


I wouldn’t try to swim in the sea,

but be content to watch the waves,

to smell the fragrance of salt air,

to know the calm that seashore brings.


If there was time, we’d walk along the channel

where bay enters ocean by Old Barney,

the Barnegat Lighthouse. Never

a trip to Long Beach Island

without the drive to the lighthouse.


We did it all. I had three separate swims

in the Buccaneer’s 80 degree pool,

one trip to the top of the dune

to watch and listen to the sea,

one scenic drive from Spray Beach

to the town of Barnegat Light, to Old Barney.


John surprised me when

he said he would climb to the top,

as he had done so many times before,

while I sat below and waved.


On August 4th he’d had a stent installed,

on September 1st two more in one artery.

Should he climb those 217 steps

to the top of Old Barney?

I didn’t think so.

But he did it with ease, testing

the success of the stent surgery.


Then we strolled the walkway

along the channel, where bay met ocean,

every minute of our two day stay —



Elizabeth Marchitti

Totowa, N.J.


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