Necessary Upgrades

Jul 04, 2018

To the Editor:

I read with interest the short letter (“Bay Beach Overkill,” 6/27) regarding the vast improvements to the bay beach and pavilion on Bayview Avenue in Beach Haven Terrace. I’m happy to say my family and I have lived on New Jersey Avenue in the Terrace since 1987.

I’m not sure if Mrs. Donnelly knows that we have experienced very serious flooding in that area, and my garage especially, from the several nor’easters every year until that bulkhead was raised. We love this area despite the flooding issues and live here year ’round, so we do see those storms. Not only was it damaging for the past 30 years but a real nuisance as well. I must say we are very grateful to Mayor Mancini and the township crews for seeing this project ordered and completed last fall and done with expertise.

What is especially nice is the new stairways and the walkway that have been installed. I’m sorry Mrs. Donnelly does not agree. So many more folks are able to use the pavilion who were not able to in the past due to their disability or simply their age. We see more and more people, young and old, in this area enjoying the vast views we have all become accustomed to from that pavilion and beach. The parking area has now been better defined, allowing more folks to enjoy this area and park safely as well.

A waste of money, she says? No, not a waste. I’m sure it came with quite a cost; however, it actually has improved the site and condition of that area for all. My kids grew up playing there and now my grandkids do safely as well. They launch their kayaks and paddleboards and swim just as their parents have done when they were of the same age.

I guess we can agree to disagree, Mrs. Donnelly, but until you have spent hours and hours moving the sand, seaweed and salt water out of your own garage several times per year, as my wife and family and I have done, you can’t appreciate what our township has done for my neighbors and me here on New Jersey Avenue and the surrounding streets.

Bay beaches are always nice when the weather is nice, but when it blows the water up your driveway, I assure you it will only be a higher bulkhead that holds the water back from the streets and from inhabiting your garage and property.

For now I’m very grateful for what we have, what Mayor Mancini and his township crews have done for us all, and I hope you will take another look and feel the same way soon.

Wes Fritz

Beach Haven Terrace



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