New Chiropractor Is Seasoned in Athletics

Osenenko Joins Lighthouse Family Chiropractic
Sep 12, 2018
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

Dr. James S. Osenenko, a West Creek native, has joined the office of Lighthouse Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center at 73 Nautilus Dr. in Manahawkin.

The science of motion has been pivotal in his life since his student years as a multi-sport athlete at Pinelands Regional High School; on track and field teams at  Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; as a head surf instructor in Brant Beach; and as a certified CrossFit strength and conditioning coach.

As a chiropractor, he now treats not only students who are subject to sports strains, but also patients of all ages.

“Really, everybody is an athlete to some degree, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or the Olympic athlete who is trying to win gold for your country,” the 29-year-old observed.

Joining the practice in mid-July, he had previously served a doctoral student internship with Dr. Michael Schradin at Lighthouse Chiropractic.

“I will see everybody, from an infant to one of my patients here is 97. And I see everybody in between, whether you are a single mom, in your first pregnancy, or an athlete,” he said.

“If I had to specialize in a certain niche, it would definitely be sports and athletics, just from my fitness background and knowledge of how basic body mechanics work ... but like I said, everybody’s an athlete to some degree.”

Osenenko came to the profession by way of his own hamstring injury. He heard about Schradin and received treatment from him while at first studying physical therapy. His interest evolved to chiropractic, partly at the encouragement of Schradin.

“He was pretty much the reason why I was able to continue to compete throughout my college career, being treated by him,” Osenenko attributed.

Several years later, after obtaining a doctorate at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, Osenenko is installed as a full-time doctor of chiropractic in the busy Manahawkin office alongside Schradin. He lives in Marlton.

Chiropractic school over three and one-third years involved about 5,000 credit hours as well as practical experience. One internship was at a Salvation Army clinic in Freeport, Long Island, providing chiropractic care to the medically underserved geriatric population. In all his training, he has been performing adjustments for more than four years.

When asked about the rewards of the profession, Osenenko sees it as complementing the conditioning experience that he had built upon all his younger life, and reaching beyond that.

“I am able to do more as a doctor, but I can take all my training that I have gained over the years in sports and strength and conditioning and fitness, and apply it to everybody who comes in,” he said.

For some patients, getting better is a gradual procession. And for others, mobility results are seen quickly.

“It is very rewarding,” he said. “Some of them could barely walk when they came in, and the fact that they were able to just jump off the table and walk out, it’s a great thing to see; it’s an accomplishment.”

Lighthouse Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center can be reached by phone at 609-597-4755. For more information on the practice, see

— Maria Scandale

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