New Jersey Resources Home Services’ Solar Lease Program ‘Is the Bright Choice’

Apr 14, 2017
Courtesy of: New Jersey Resources

Take advantage of New Jersey Resources Home Services’ residential solar program and join the thousands of New Jersey homeowners who are harnessing the power of the sun. Through April 30, NJRHS is offering a solar lease with no down payment; no installation costs; and monitoring, maintenance and repairs included.

“Choosing solar for your home is the bright choice!” says NJRHS, which is the nonregulated retail operation of parent company New Jersey Resources (and is not the same as New Jersey Natural Gas). “NJRHS takes care of all the details, including system design, paperwork, permits, installation and inspections.”

Solar power is produced by converting sunlight into electricity via solar panels, which are made of photovoltaic – or solar – cells.

“The Sunlight Advantage” solar lease plan – for which NJR Home Services has partnered with NJR Clean Energy Ventures – aims to provide customers with an easy and affordable way to install solar on their residences. “With this exciting solar lease program,” NJRHS notes, “you’ll get the benefits of solar energy without the expensive upfront investment.”

The program allows homeowners to pay approximately $100 per month for a typical 8.5 kilowatt system over a 20-year period. The monthly rate includes all installation and maintenance costs.

“Customers begin to realize savings immediately following the activation of the interconnect switch on their system to their utility’s meter,” NJRHS explains. “Based on today’s residential electric prices and typical homeowner electricity consumption, solar technology is estimated to save homeowners an average of $25 per month, net after the lease payment, for a 8.5 kW system. Savings may increase if electricity prices increase over the next 20 years.

“Possible net savings on electric costs can add up to $6,000 over the life of the lease – all while generating clean, reliable power for your home.”

To take advantage of the $0 down solar lease program, customers should: have an electric bill they’d like to reduce, a south-facing roof with little to no shading and a credit score above 625. The customer must also own the home.

This affordable, worry-free program can help dramatically reduce your electricity costs, the company explains.

And, if a customer qualifies for the lease and the lease is signed by April 30, NJRHS will reimburse the customer for the first six months of lease payments, up to $1,000.

For more information, or to request a free, no obligation solar evaluation and quote, call 877-466-3657 or visit njrhomeservices.com/solar. Or,download the Go Solar NJR Home Services app.

NJRHS also has a solar purchase program, with information available online or by calling 877-466-3657.

— Juliet Kaszas-Hoch

(Courtesy of: New Jersey Resources)
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