New Look for Barnegat Police Patrol Cars

Apr 18, 2018
Courtesy of: Barnegat Police Department

The Barnegat Township Police Department’s fleet of patrol cars has a new look that should result in a cost savings.

Police Chief Keith Germain said that several months ago, Patrolman Jim Purcell was given the task of redesigning the 16 marked patrol cars.

“Jim thoroughly researched vehicles, equipment, vendors and costs,” said Germain. “The result is a great-looking new car that is better equipped than our old design, but with an extraordinary cost savings of better than 14 percent per vehicle. The per-vehicle cost reduction will save us more than $120,000 over the next decade.”

The chief said the process started during the department’s budget planning when officers focused on reducing costs without negatively impacting public safety.

“Vehicles are obviously a very large ticket item in the budget,” he said. “Our Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles were increasingly resulting in high maintenance costs for blown motors, failed transmissions, and failed water pumps, which require dropping the motor to replace.” 

Germain said the department decided to make the change to all-wheel-drive Dodge Chargers while at the same time reassessing vendors and equipment with the goal of improving equipment while at the same time reducing costs. 

“We moved to an all-black paint scheme, which reduced the cost of the car by nearly $1,500, as the black and white look of the previous design was achieved by having to paint the roof and doors of a brand new car,” he said.

In addition, the department changed to Elite Vehicle Solutions of Lakewood as equipment vendor/installer.

“It allowed us to get a better lighting and equipment package for approximately $4,000 less than the previous-generation vehicle,” he said. “We also transitioned from an external to an internal light bar, which improves fuel economy and allows the car to be more effectively used for traffic enforcement.”

Purcell could not be reached for comment. —E.E.

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