New Parking Lot Putting the Cap on Eagleswood School Work

Aug 09, 2017

The Eagleswood Elementary School parking lot is a mess, chopped up and filled with large piles of dirt, looking like the surface of the moon.

But it brings a smile to the face of Superintendent Deborah Snyder, because the condition of the parking lot is a sure sign that the extensive work that has been going on at the school since Oct. 10, 2016 is nearing completion.

“There’s a lot of work being done right now, but it is on time,” said Snyder on Monday. “They’re working on a retention basin to fix the drainage issues in the parking lot, then they’ll build a new parking lot. That’s the last thing, the new parking lot.”

The retention basin/parking lot project was purposely held for last in the long check list of things to do resulting from voters approving, on a second try, two referendum questions totaling $4.4 million for vital repairs and upgrades in and around the 48-year-old building in March 2016. After all, you don’t want heavy trucks and equipment rolling over a new surface.

The first project the district tackled was building a three-classroom addition to the school. That could be done while classes were in session. Preliminary work for the renovations on the old building, such as the duct work necessary to replace the school’s 26-year-old HVAC system, was done by an evening crew during the school year. When school let out the serious work began – the actual replacement of the HVAC system, the refurbishing of the school’s cafeteria including replacement of its 28-year-old appliances, the upgrade of the building’s 48-year-old electrical system and numerous small items such as the replacement of the school’s exterior doors for security reasons.

The district was smart in devising its timeline, one that allowed extra time to make sure all projects could be completed before the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. The school let out unusually early on June 8 thanks to a decision to shorten spring break, allowing a full crew of workers to begin work in earnest on June 12. It won’t reopen until September 11, days later than other area districts.

“Better safe than sorry,” Snyder agreed.

How satisfied is Snyder with the results of all of the numerous projects? So satisfied that she said the school would be hosting an open house “in mid-September” (the exact date and time hasn’t yet been determined) to show taxpayers just what their $4.4 million bought them.  —R.M.


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