New Traffic Cameras in Brant Beach Allow Public to Monitor Roadway Conditions

Aug 02, 2017

Traffic cameras at 38th Street and Long Beach Boulevard in Brant Beach are now operational. The cameras, provided by the Long Beach Island Chamber of Commerce and installed by Long Beach Township, allow the public to view real-time traffic and weather conditions.

Visit to see both north and south views of the Boulevard in that area.

“The emphasis is on inclusion of the public by allowing access to dedicated camera viewpoints,” LBT Police Chief Anthony Deely explained earlier this summer, as the township prepared to implement this first phase of the project. People should use the service prior to contacting the police department for any non-emergency traffic questions.

“Long Beach Township Communications Centralized Dispatch Center handles calls for several towns on the Island,” Deely noted. “Frequently they deal with weather/road condition calls that can be addressed with this technology, in turn freeing up communications for more serious calls for service. The call volume inquiring about current conditions – mostly weather-related, and specifically flooding – should decrease and calls of priority can be better managed.”

The technology will be utilized in coordination with state and county partners to ensure the public receives the assistance necessary to prepare for weather events or other emergencies, as well as adequate response during and after an event, and asset mobilization.

As Deely pointed out, “This technology will allow resources to be directed to the areas that immediately need assistance. This will also alleviate the need for patrol officers to continually place themselves in a vantage point that may be hazardous if conditions worsen.”

The cameras will also help local first aid and fire department, as well as utility companies.

“The goal,” said Deely, “is to ensure the safety” of all of those on LBI.  —J.K.-H.

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