No Communication

Nov 22, 2017

To the Editor:

I live on Fifth Street in Ship Bottom, and our street is currently having major water and sewer replacement work, resulting in the road being dug up and closed, etc. Did we get any warning? Nope.

Were provisions made for how we are to get mail? Nope, the mail carrier bypassed us today. FedEx and other similar deliveries? Nope, I just found out FedEx refused to give me my delivery today.

That’s not a surprise. When I returned from the gym this morning I couldn’t get into my driveway, and once I got in, they blocked me in for the rest of the day. God forbid there is a fire or medical emergency on this street. Will I get garbage pickup tomorrow? Doubtful.

I both called and emailed the appropriate borough official, asking about the garbage. Did anyone respond, either by phone or email? Nope.

Of course, I fully expect that someday soon I will go to use the shower or toilet only to find, with no prior notice, that the water has been turned off.

To be clear: I fully recognize that some or all of these inconveniences may be unavoidable. But the utter lack of planning and communication in order to reduce surprise and inconvenience is not unavoidable. How long is all of this expected to last? Weeks? Months? Years? No idea. Communication and planning are part of the job. Those in charge should be ashamed. Is this an example of my tax dollars at work?

Brad Friedman

Ship Bottom



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