No Compassion

May 17, 2017

To the Editor:

I find it unfathomable that someone would not want the children of our community taught to be compassionate toward all living things.

Is it so unconscionable for someone who hits an animal in his or her car to stop and try to get help from animal control or wildlife aid? Who is right and who is misguided when it comes to leaving a suffering animal and just driving away without a thought or care? Where is this person’s compassion? Apparently there is none.

Ms. Brown has done more for the homeless, unwanted and stray animals in Little Egg Harbor than anyone has ever done before. If she is not helping people get their pets or feral cats fixed and vaccinated, she is having fundraisers to help more people and animals, or she is having adoption events to get these animals into permanent homes, or she is helping some poor animal in an abandoned house left to starve to death. She works tirelessly 24/7. I have seen her in action, and even in the most stressful situation with uncompassionate people she keeps her cool and respectfully tries to de-stress the situation.

I wish we had more Kim Browns in this world and especially in this town rather than people who steal any morsel of food left for some poor homeless cat or trespass on private property to steal hundreds of dollars worth of shelters, food and water bowls put out for a managed feral colony so they are not a nuisance to neighbors. All these cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated and monitored so there will be no more unwanted kittens born and the number of cats will be reduced due to natural attrition.

I find Tony Cortese’s letter slanderous.

Sophie Knapp

Little Egg Harbor

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