No Magic Wand

Aug 24, 2016

To the Editor:

I would like to express my gratitude to Wanda Riddle for her very informative letter (“Not a Cat Problem,” 8/17) regarding TNR (trap, neuter and release of feral cats).

Despite being taken to court last month and having hundreds of dollars’ worth of shelters, food and supplies stolen, the Osborn Island TNR Project is ongoing.

Wanda is so right when she said this is a human problem that has been building up for decades. It is going to take time to undo this uneducated wrong of humans. There is no magic wand that will make feral cats disappear instantly.

Since July 2013, 143 cats have been fixed and vaccinated on Osborn Island alone, with another 26 done in the Little Egg Harbor area. Forty-four have been taken off the island and placed into homes, and a wonderful local rescue has stepped up and relocated a colony of 10, hoping they can live out their lives peacefully away from the few that hate them.

Out of the 143 that have been fixed over the past three years, there are now only approximately 20 living at the south side of the island by the beach with approximately 10 in a second colony elsewhere on the island. That is a huge difference, once again proving that TNR works.

This all is being done at no expense to taxpayers. Most has come out of my own pocket. The second colony has had no kittens born this year. Our goal is to have no kittens born on the entire island.

Thank you so much to Poor Paws Rescue for stepping in and helping. The cats are being fed and given fresh water daily. Many thanks to all of the LEH residents who support TNR.

Carol Andrew

Osborn Island

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