No on No. 1

Nov 02, 2018

To the Editor:

Last chance property owners: Vote no on public question #1. The state is broke and the politicians know it, yet they want you to approve more spending through a voter-approved bond issue that the state simply cannot afford. Buried deep in Senate bill S-2293 on pages 11 and 12 is how the state gets off the hook and plants it firmly in your mouth via special county assessment to your property tax bill. As usual this is not seen on the ballot question or in its interpretive statement.

This bill was voted on unanimously in the Assembly and had only one no vote in the Senate.

These politicos are not stupid and know exactly what they are doing, giving us the rope to hang ourselves. It’s up to us to say no. In my opinion, this is little more than a trial balloon for future misleading bond questions that may let the state off the hook for its entire debt, all at the behest of Wall Street insiders who know the state’s debt is unsustainable with all of its recent credit rating downgrades.

If you want a second mortgage on your home or business, then by all means vote yes, but if you are like me and have had enough of the chicanery, then spread the word through social media. By the way, the only candidate that has even said anything about this is Seth Grossman, a true taxpayers advocate and Republican candidate for Congress.

James Spickard

Little Egg Harbor

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