No Vote Is a Vote

Feb 16, 2017

To the Editor:

It is popular political wisdom that eligible voters who do not vote in an election are giving their votes to the winning candidate. According to TargetSmart Communications, as of Oct. 19, 2016, almost three weeks before the general election, there were over 200 million registered voters in the U.S. Yet only 129 million cast a vote.

Curiously, although candidate Trump may have benefited somewhat from Russian computer hacking and statements by our FBI director, he got his greatest boost from CNN, its experts and its pollsters. This combination of political acumen predicted candidate Trump as a loser from the day he announced his candidacy to 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on election night, thus convincing many that they had no need to vote.

President Trump may be a bombastic, rude and often crude person, but he had the sense of responsibility to go to the polls and vote. Conversely, many of those who found time to protest his victory couldn’t spare the time to exercise their privilege to vote. What a tragedy!

An ancient Greek philosopher said the one freedom we cannot afford is the freedom from responsibility. Those who chose not to vote should reprimand who they see in the mirror; that person is responsible for the election outcome. Now he or she should allow our constitutionally elected President Trump to do his job.

Roman Krochmal
Little Egg Harbor

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