Noah and the Harvey Cedars Seaweed Monster

By AL ZARROLI | Jul 19, 2017
Courtesy of: Al Zarroli Little Noah holds his ground when confronted by the Seaweed Monster.

This is a true story. It’s about little Noah, a 3-foot, 2-inch-tall, 27-pound boy, and the “Harvey Cedars Seaweed Monster.” I think it took place in July or August 2016.

It was a beautiful day, the beach was packed with people, and there were many little kids playing with buckets and shovels just having a great time. Among those children was little Noah. It is well known in town that Noah is quite courageous and almost nothing seems to scare him, but he was put to the test one day when confronted by the Harvey Cedars Seaweed Monster.

If you’ve never heard of the seaweed monster, let me tell you about him. He’s about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, must weigh 170 pounds and always wears a green and white bathing suit that just doesn’t seem to fit him very well. He’s known for coming out of the water with seaweed hanging all over himself, a great big mound on his head and, of course, some trickling off his arms. He doesn’t growl or hiss, but he is so scary looking that almost everybody runs from him.

This was true when one day Noah was on the beach playing with his friends. As Noah looked toward the water he could see the seaweed monster walking up toward the beach. Many of the little children also spotted him as he approached and quickly took off for the safety of their moms and dads. A few even ran toward Alex, the lifeguard!

This was true of all the children who were there that day, except mighty Noah. Noah just stood his ground. He had a firm look on his face and was determined not to let the seaweed monster scare him. The seaweed monster and Noah seemed to have had a bit of a staring contest. They couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 feet apart, and neither one flinched. However, after a few minutes the seaweed monster put his head down, turned around and walked back into the water.

Several of the children and a few of the parents ran up to Noah and said, “Noah, you are so courageous and strong. You didn’t even flinch when the seaweed monster came out of the water and walked right up to you.”

Noah, in his childish voice, said to everyone, “I was never scared. The seaweed monster is really the Babo! He does silly things like that all the time, like putting seaweed on his head and trying to scare us little kids. But he doesn’t scare me. You see, the Babo and the seaweed monster is the same person, my grandpop!”

Al “the Babo” Zarroli lives in Churchville, Pa., and Harvey Cedars.

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