Not as Welcoming

Jul 18, 2018

To the Editor:

I read with interest the letters from Kathleen Donnelly (“Bay Beach Overkill,” 6/27) and Wes Fritz (“Necessary Upgrades” 7/4), both regarding the Beach Haven Terrace bay beach. I have to say I agree more with Ms. Donnelly’s statement.

What used to be a beautiful natural area now looks more like an industrial one: a high black wall and blacktop contrasting sharply with extensive bright white plastic. I find this especially ironic since just a few blocks away in the Terrace, an empty lot on the busy Boulevard has become Veterans’ Park, complete with beautiful plantings, pavers and seating. Even the water treatment plant in the Terrace has had more attention paid to the aesthetics on its remodel than the bay beach.

While I understand it was necessary to put up a higher bulkhead and a longer ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) ramp, I believe there are other choices that could have been more “natural” and easier on the eyes. And at the final stage, when there was a chance to soften the look with perhaps some planters and natural vegetation, instead sharp black gravel was added to cover any sand that hadn’t already been paved over. 

Unfortunately, I have seen no lessening in the amount of flooding on our street. As any of us who has lived here for 30 years knows, the height of the bulkhead does not matter in this area as much as correcting the drainage issues. The flooding continues.

One change that has happened: Many fewer families are using the bay beach now. It is just not a welcoming area anymore. The fence in the bay has already fallen down and no one comes to fix it. The lifeguard stand sits empty on the blacktop.

Perhaps the only improvement that can be made at this late date is getting rid of that harsh black gravel and putting in some attractive landscaping. Perhaps this will soften it somewhat. But I agree with Ms. Donnelly; it looked better before these “necessary upgrades.”

Janice Denbleyker

Beach Haven Terrace

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