‘Not for the Public’

Aug 24, 2016

To the Editor:

In the Aug. 3 edition I saw mention of an upcoming PowerPoint presentation on the Lucy Evelyn by the LBI Historical Association at the LBI Museum in Beach Haven. Not being fortunate this year to be able to attend the presentation, I emailed the museum, asking if it would be possible to obtain a copy.

Here’s the reply I received from one of the PowerPoint authors, verbatim: “The PowerPoint is for the museum and is not for the public. I’m sorry, but I feel strongly about this matter. The Beach Haven Library Museum has a complete binder on the Lucy Evelyn and he is welcome to visit and make copies which interest him.” The response ends, “The PowerPoint is not for sale!!!!!”

I grew up on LBI and have returned many times over the years. Each visit always includes a trip to the museum, and I always especially enjoyed the late great John Bailey Lloyd’s talks (I have all of his books). I merely wished to have a copy of the PowerPoint for my personal trip down memory lane.

Regarding the statement that the PowerPoint “is for the museum and is not for the public,” who else but the public supports the museum? What are museums for if not the public?

The author’s position saddens me. LBI is no longer the magical place it once was, nor it seems is the LBI Museum in Beach Haven.

Tad Daly

Santa Cruz, Calif.

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