Not Go Quietly

Feb 01, 2017

To the Editor:

Question: Just what is a “political adult”?

When is defending our right to protest injustice immature? When verbal tirades against protest become the norm, our right to free speech is endangered.

As a “citizen of the republic,” I intend to protest any and all acts of hate speech, hate crimes and all attempts to silence voices that must be heard.

Due to health issues, I could not attend the Women’s March; however, I watched with joy and tears in my eyes the outpouring of love and sharing taking place all over the world. The stories I’ve heard have all been about the joy and love that transpired, even in stressful logistical situations.

These were worldwide protests telling all that we will speak out, we will do everything within our power to protect our planet, our families, our gay friends, our Muslim friends, our black friends, our old, sick, young, all from what we fear may happen because of the U.S. president.

As I watch the cabinet selections, I grow more fearful. As I hear the policy proposals, I grow more concerned. As I watch the president lie about simple provable facts, I grow more terrified.

I will not shut up and give the president a chance. He needs to earn that chance.

So I will not go “quietly into that good night,” and at 72, I refuse to grow up in the manner that oppressors desire.

Judith Jobson

North Beach Haven


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