Not Humorous

Dec 19, 2018

To the Editor:

I cannot understand the ignorance of Jon Coen. His column last week accuses the Hebrews (since when are we Hebrew and not Jewish people!) of deliberately beginning Hanukkah on Dec. 2 to get ahead of the Christmas season.

Does he not know that Hanukkah is determined by the lunar calendar as is every Jewish holiday (holy day)? Every year our holy days are different dates with regard to the “secular” calendar. Next year Hanukkah begins on Sunday, Dec. 22 and extends for eight days until Monday, Dec. 30. Will that make Jon Coen happier since it coincides more closely with Christmas?

He owes us all a mea culpa for his ignorant attempt at humor and I suggest he educate himself with regard to Jewish holidays and dates. And the word to use is Jewish, not Hebrews.

Arlene and Fred Schragger

Harvey Cedars


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