Old Home in Ship Bottom Going Out to Pasture – Literally

Apr 29, 2016
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

A home built approximately 90 years ago in Ship Bottom will soon be moved to the mainland at Sassafras Hill Farm in Barnegat Township.

Jay Thompson, co-owner of Sassafras Hill, said the brown-colored, 18- by 38-foot  structure will serve as the headquarters for farm manager Chris Adams. Thompson is also co-owner of Atlantic Structure Movers, located next to the 27.5-acre farm on Route 554 (West Bay Avenue) near the Route 72 intersection. The company will serve as the moving contractor.

The Ship Bottom home, located at 1935 Bay Terrace, is owned by Justin Guerrera, whose mother, Ginny Guerrera, is a neighbor of the soon-to-be moved structure. She said it has been owned by the Voorhees family from the time it was built.

“The home was badly damaged after (Superstorm) Sandy,” said Ginny. “No one has been over there much since. A long time ago, the Voorhees family had a boat rental nearby.”

She said her son initially thought of fixing up the old home and moving in, but found it was too small “to fit his growing family.”

“So he decided to sell it and he’ll build a new home when the lot becomes vacant,” Ginny said.

“I’m glad that someone will be able to make use of it,” said Justin Guerrera. “I would have hated to tear it down. You don’t see too many of those old little homes around any more.”

Thompson said that prior to moving, he will have to make arrangements with the state Department of Transportation due to the Causeway project.

“There’s still a lot of construction going on, and some of the roadway is pretty narrow,” he said. “Other than that, we’re pretty much ready to roll.”

Thompson also said that instead of moving it on dollies straight through Route 72 to the farm, he will have to turn off at Route 9 south.

“The home is 18 feet tall, so no way will it make it under the (Garden State) Parkway bridge,” he said. “Instead, I’m going to have to go down Route 9 and other streets to eventually get to Route 539 and back on to Route 72. That will be a 27-mile trip. If I was going straight through on Route 72, it’s around 12½ miles.”

— Eric Englund


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