Once, in April

Apr 18, 2018

To the Editor:

I am certain that there are many readers who, as I do, long for some change in the weather. After all, the calendar says it should be spring! I would like to share something that happend almost 30 years ago:

I heard the rumor whispered

in the greening wood

The message was dispatched on wings

which barely touched

the sleeping sky



echoing the fading call

that she would come

I turned my head to hear again and saw

a swelling promise

wrapped with veils of white as yet too young

to blush

at my inquiring gaze

Then early heat did burst the bud and rush

the blood into my cheek

as I beheld the woman Spring

She pressed her fragrant bosom

to my face,

and I inhaled

and she was gone …

Joe Guastella

Waretown, N.J.

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