One Last Request

Aug 30, 2017

To the Editor:

I am son-in-law of Marion Smith, who passed away on Memorial Day of last year. On Aug. 25, Marion’s family buried her ashes at sea off Barnegat Light. This poem was read in her memory.

Dear Lord, I come to ask of you a very small request.

I love it here, don’t get me wrong and don’t think me a pest.

The streets of gold are awesome, so’s my mansion in the sky.

But could I get a pass one day to visit LBI?

In life I saw Bermuda and the waves of Waikiki.

And so much more did you create that was of course lovely.

But that jewel of paradise you placed right off the Jersey coast;

From Holgate to Barnegat Light, I miss LBI the most!

Just one more time I long to feel the bathing of the sun.

To hear the sound of crashing waves and children having fun.

To watch the surfers “hanging ten” as I walk upon the sand.

To smell the fragrant salty air, now that would just be grand!

Oh, to spread a blanket on the beach and gaze at ocean skies,

And could I read my favorite book of double agent spies?

One last request would certainly complete this day of bliss.

And that would be a dinner out with Barbra, June and Sis.

Sweet Lord, you know my dream in life was living at the shore.

Two weeks a year was such a tease, I wanted so much more.

So am I asking way too much here in the by and by?

To visit one more time again my beloved LBI.

Steve Dorsey

Oakland, N.J.


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