Only ‘One Side’

Aug 16, 2017

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, it is time for all of us in this wonderful country of ours to come to the realization that our president is an out and out racist who does not only pander to the racist and neo-Nazi hate factions in this country, but also supports and defends them.

There were not “many sides” to the violence in Charlottesville, Va. There was one side, that of hate for everything and anything which did not conform to the white supremacist, white pure beliefs which motivated this well-organized mob of thugs to wreak havoc on a peaceful, beautiful city that is open to all people who come there to study, learn, teach, exchange ideas and grow in peace.

Our grandchildren play in that park, walk to school on those streets and stroll across the University of Virginia campus almost daily. How do we adults explain this horrific behavior to them? How will they ever feel safe again in their hometown?

And so Monday the president said what he should have said several days ago, because he was shamed into it. But his true feelings came out in his first speech. He also surrounds himself with alt-right and avowed neo-Nazi individuals who guide his thinking and write his speeches. When will his fellow Republicans deny his legitimacy? When will they say “enough”? When will they return this country to a place of safety for all Americans? When?

We write this with tears in our eyes.

Arlene and Fred Schragger

Harvey Cedars




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