Out of the Red

Sep 05, 2018

To the Editor:

I read Lynne MacKnight’s column, “Cruising on the Road and Seeing Red” (8/29), and had to respond.

I’m an old lady and have had many cars. My first red one was a 2001 sports convertible that I loved to drive, especially when accompanied by my dog, Jake, a golden-mix, who would sit beside me in his Snoopy-style bomber cap and enjoy the view.

I was in Manahawkin in 2006 when a major storm erupted, dropping 9 inches of rain in two hours. My little car drowned in front of Good Friend Electric on Route 72.

I replaced it with a little larger red convertible and my husband traded in his blue Ford 150 for the same model in red. We left them both in the garage when we went on vacation in New Zealand in October 2012.

The Kiwis love American weather programs, so when the innkeeper approached us with questions about weather in New Jersey, we weren’t too surprised. When she mentioned that a hurricane named Sandy seemed poised to make landfall in the southern part of our state, however, we became a bit more attentive.

You guessed it. Both vehicles had 3 feet of salt water in them for three days.

Now I drive a blue car and my husband’s vehicle is deep burgundy (not red).

Gail South



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