Over the Top

Oct 24, 2018

To the Editor:

Thank God there are only a couple weeks left until the midterm elections. The negative, contentious and personal TV attack ads by candidates on both sides of the aisle are absolutely over the top.

My blood pressure can’t handle one more Bob Hugin TV ad accusing Bob Menendez of crimes he hasn’t been convicted of (a la Brett Kavanaugh). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see Bob Menendez as a pillar of integrity representing our state, but the negative and personal nature of the Hugin ads doesn’t say much about his integrity, either.

Another case I became aware of involves the Republican candidate Martha McSally for the Senate seat in Arizona accusing her Democrat rival of “treason” based on what she considers her liberal views. Maybe a progressive liberal philosophy makes for a treasonous candidate in Arizona, but I’d like not to think so in a country that cherishes freedom of speech.

It’s time that both parties clean up their act when it comes to attack ads. It’s no way to “make America great.”

James Eller



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