Overheard These Days

Aug 08, 2018

… at the nail salon, Ship Bottom:

Friend 1: “Colby got a pet duck. So cute.”

Friend 2: “That’s not surprising, though.”

Friend 1: “He has a snapping turtle.”


Friend 1: (Shows Friend 2 her toenail polish)

Friend 2: “It’s very earthy.”

Friend 1: “I feel very earthy this summer.”

… at the Laundromat, Surf City:

Son: “If you were to go in a dryer and someone turned it on, would you die?”

Dad: “Yeah, probably. The heat would kill you.”

… at Fantasy Island, Beach Haven

Parent to group, near Sea Dragon ride: “Oh yeah, he’s crying.”

(Note: Kid eventually got off the ride with a big smile.)

… at PetSmart, Manahawkin:

Mom to kids: “I don’t want to hear it. Talk to your father.”

Kid: “Can we get a turtle?”

Mom: “Tell your father he needs to buy us a farm.”

… at Target, Manahawkin:

Kid to mom: “That’s so weird. Those people were at PetSmart.”

… at Goalie Wars, Little Egg Harbor:

Mom to daughter: “Catch your breath. It’s not the World Cup, baby.”

… at Bay Village, Beach Haven:

Man: “I feel like there is a tree in me.”

Woman: “What do you mean? Why did you say that? Like you feel something growing in you?”

Man: (Silence)

… in Surf City:

Dad to toddler, both on bicycle: “Don’t be chompin’ your mouth on me, you little hooligan!”


Man to friend: “(Indistinct)… delivery, because I’m starving and I’m lazy.”


Man adjusting his swim shorts: “I have so much sand up there. I don’t know how far this walk is going to go.”

… at Acme, Peahala Park:

Store employee 1: “These last two weeks are stronger than last year?”

Store employee 2: “Oh yeah, I think so. Sales are up.”




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