Overheard These Days

Aug 15, 2018

… at Festival of the Sea, St. Francis Center, Brant Beach:

Carnival worker: “I want to go home! Hot today.”


… in Surf City, at the bay:

Boys pulling up crab traps: “Yeah, we got one! Yeahhh!”


… in front of a Surf City ice cream shop:

(Family gets out of car.)

Daughter: “Oh, Dad loves this story. How old was I?”

Dad: “Yes, I do love this story. You were 7.”

Daughter: “OK, I was 7 and —”

(Door to ice cream shop closes; we will never know the story.)


… at Amity Acres Girl Scouts Day Camp:

Camp counselor to other counselors: “My funeral is going to be very Girl Scout-y. You’ve seen my wedding.”


... in a backyard, Surf City:

Man: “Rosé out of a can. Sounds ... appetizing.”

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