Overheard These Days

Aug 29, 2018

… at Pine Shores Art Association, Manahawkin:

Man approaching building: “Flag should be at half-mast (for Sen. John McCain).”


Woman in art studio: “Don’t talk about Trump. We all know he’s crazy. Even though I voted for him.”


… at Manahawkin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Center:

Employee 1: “My sister called. She says it’s official – she can’t make a tuna melt like Mom.”

Employee 2: (Looks at pic) “Oh yeah, that’s burnt.”


… in Surf City:

Dad to son, leaving the beach: “You’re not carrying anything, you’re pulling two Boogie Boards, you little sissy.”


… in Beach Haven:

Bocce player to teammate (after a three-pointer in the first game of the title match): “Whatever you’re smoking, keep it up!”

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