Overheard This Week

Jul 05, 2017

… in Surf City:

Woman: “What’s with all the sirens?”

Man: “It’s Fourth of July weekend, babe. Everyone is doing stupid s**t and hurting themselves.”


… on bicycles:

Man 1: “Feels smooth, though, right?”

Man 2: “Yeah, but I still like my bike best.”


… at a wine and spirits shop:

Cashier, after a group of boisterous ladies leave with their purchases: “Knew I should’ve closed at 9.”


… at the street end, sunset:

Woman, turning her attention to her phone: “After a while it hurts your eyes.”

Man: “Is the sun hurting your eyes, or is Facebook hurting your eyes?”


Little girl: “How does the sky look like that?”

Mom: “That’s Mother Nature.”

Little girl: “Who’s Mother Nature?”

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