Overheard This Week

Jun 27, 2018

… at the Surf City Hotel

Woman at bar: “This dog already gets along with our dog, so what’s one more dog?”


Same woman at bar: “I would never pay someone to watch my cat. Cats are so self-sufficient.”


… on the beach:

Girl, to friends: “Guys! We should’ve brought Boogie Boards!”


Kid: “What are we doing?”

Mom: “We’re going back.”

Kid: “To do what?”

Mom: “I think we might do the tandem bike.”

Kid: (Groans) “COME ON!”


… in Surf City:

Woman on deck: “I don’t even give a s***. I have become a lot more tolerant. Especially if we have a lot of alcohol.”


… in Barnegat Light:

Photographer, seeing a piping plover chick for the first time: “Oh my gosh, they are so small!”


… in Manahawkin:

Dad: “Alexis, play ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer.”

Child: “Why are you playing this? Do you think I'll like it? I don’t like peace and quiet music. The title only has daddy and daughter, and I’m worried about Mommy. I like the voice, but the music I don’t like that much.”


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