Overheard This Week

Jul 11, 2018

…at Thundering Surf Water Park, Beach Haven

Dad to toddler trying to remove his life jacket: “You want me to put your tube back? Buckle that, or I’m gonna put your tube back.”


… at corner of Long Beach Boulevard and Ninth Street, Surf City

Old woman on sidewalk, yelling to husband in car, about where to park: “It’s the first spot in the —”

Old man: “Yeah, I got it! Shut up!”


… at Narwhal Frozen Yogurt, Surf City

Boy (i.e. every customer): “I took too much.”


… at Incredibowls, Surf City:

Guy walking in with friends and noticing many other customers waiting: “Whoa, we were not the only ones with this idea.”

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