Overheard This Week

Jul 18, 2018

… at St. Francis Community Center

Woman telling friends what she says to her husband: “‘You don’t need 42 coffee cups! You use the same one every morning!’”


… at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences:

One woman to another, in the ladies’ room: “Oof. I bought some new deodorant, and it’s really earthy. And it smells,… earthy.”


… at Ocean Acres Community Center:

One lady to another, gossiping: “She’s not a strong woman. Like, there’s not a lot of strong personality. She’s a clinger.”


... at Waretown Lake:

Mom to toddler, who is stirring “ingredients” in a bowl for an art project: “Are you ready to paint, Avalyn?”

Avalyn: “Not yet!”

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