Overheard This Week

Jul 25, 2018

… at Acme, Long Beach Township:

Young man to friend, in checkout line, looking at The National Enquirer: “This is wrong on so many levels. This is wrong! This is false information.”


Cashier: “I’ve had people with $200-plus orders walk out (because they refused to pay for bags).”


… in Surf City

Woman to friend: “… and everyone’s selling their houses – my neighbor – there’s five houses for sale on our street.”


Grandfather: “Yeah, but she’s turning out to be a real big pain in the ass.”

Grandmother: “Well, they don’t know that yet.”


Guy to friends: “He didn’t even like the word ‘Jacuzzi.’ Every time he heard the word Jacuzzi, he’d go crazy.”


Woman to group: “We gotta get this (sunset) picture! Can we please get this done before we eat?!”


Toddler (to setting sun): “Sun! Wake up, sun! It’s morning time!”


Woman, in response to person in T-rex costume running down the street: “Do dinosaurs high-five?”

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