Overheard This Week

Aug 01, 2018

… coming off the beach, Surf City:

Little girl, with family, returning to nearby mansion: “The house looks so small from here, but inside it’s like, huge.”


… at Mott’s Creek Inn, Galloway:

Woman near the bar: “I’m waiting for the bee-otch – Lisa.”


Man handing his phone to friend: “Hit that f***in’ button right there and take a picture of us.”


… on the beach, Beach Haven:

Woman to lifeguard: “Will you stop blowing that whistle? I can’t get any sleep!”


… at Wawa, Ship Bottom:

One friend to another: “What was your favorite Lunchable growing up?”


… at Ocean Acres Lake, picnic area:

Child trying BBQ Pringles for the first time: “It’s OK, tastes like sweet vomit.”


… in Ship Bottom:

“I got Taco Bell on my way to work, so I’m getting into a shape, but not in shape.”


… at Wawa, Manahawkin:

One teen to another: “I feel like there is something more nutritious about a Yoo-hoo than an Icee.”


… at Ocean Mile Swim, Barnegat Light:

Lifeguard 1: “This is the board you’re using.”

Lifeguard 2: “Are you serious?! This is horseshit! It’s been attacked by a shark.”

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