Overwhelming Response

Sep 27, 2017

To the Editor:

I used a SandPaper headline plus a few comments of my own to make a post on Facebook recently, and the reaction was overwhelming.

My post was about Rick Mellerup’s column (“For Every Gen. Lee a Rosa Parks, For Every Custer a Crazy Horse,” 9/13) about a trip west his family took years ago to enjoy historic and important places coast to coast. It gave me warm memories of similar trips my husband and I made years ago. But that was not the point.

Recently, there has been a big issue in this country about memorial statues: which ones should go and which, if any, should stay.

Rick, a genuine history buff, wants more statues, not less. More history, the whole history, the true history! And in his title was the name “Crazy Horse,” the Native American chief who brought about “Custer’s last stand.” A statue of his head is being carved, á la our four presidents’ heads at Mt. Rushmore. Those heads are 60 feet high, Rick told us, whereas, 16 miles away, the head of Chief Crazy Horse, which was started in 1948 and is still being worked on, is planned to be 87 feet high.

In my post, above Rick’s column headline, I simply wrote (in caps):


Then, a coincidence occurred. I saw a photo of the Crazy Horse memorial, as it looks today in South Dakota, posted on Facebook. So I added that photo to my post and out it went several times.

The response to the post was started by people who had visited the Crazy Horse memorial and was positive. Then the response exploded, it seemed like from hundreds, agreeing with Rick.

What had happened was that a site called Native Indian Nation saw it and published it, causing people all over the country to wonder where they could get a copy of The SandPaper. To those who wrote me, asking why I didn’t publish the whole article, I suggested they go on The SandPaper website to read it there. According to Native Indian Nation, the comments on that post numbered over 2,000.

Ginnie Gottshall

Beach Haven


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