‘Oyster House At Home’ New Concierge Catering Service of Delaware Avenue Oyster House

The World (and Your Party) Is Your Oyster
Jun 27, 2018

Oyster House At Home is a newly launched concierge catering division of the Delaware Avenue Oyster House that brings home “an experience.” Imagine hosting a “wow” element at your house party or special occasion – a stellar raw bar from a nice hand-built shucking station, complete with shucker clad in stainless steel glove and pin-striped apron, opening the fresh-as-can-be oysters and clams on the spot.

Outfitted servers can offer guests other delights from the Oyster House At Home raw bar and beach fare menu. A bartender/spirits package is a custom option – think of raising the bar with paired wine, a Bloody Mary station, or perhaps a signature cocktail to the event. Music and even flowers can be added to set the memorable scene.

Oyster House At Home is a creative and progressive move for tourism and event planning, as Delaware Avenue Oyster House owner Toby Sweeney intended. Her partner in the project is event coordinator Rachael Freedland, who brings experience as director of catering at the Ritz-Carlton in New York for nine years and also founded her own company, Rachael Nicole Events.

“We brought Rachael in as our events coordinator because of her plethora of background in creating events,” said Sweeney. “This has become a partnership. The Oyster House is able to produce high-quality experiences for guests at their home with her information and her background of how to do it perfectly, how to make sure the food is traveled perfectly, and how to make sure the client is happy.”

Partly, the idea was born from the success – but limited seating space – of the Delaware Avenue Oyster House in Beach Haven Terrace.

The family-owned restaurant, the same ownership as the adjacent Terrace Tavern, is rich in tradition while also thriving on the modern. The Oyster House serves up fresh tapas-style apps and shared plates. Sustainably harvested locally, oysters and seafood come in daily to go out to the table with a creative twist.

Oyster House At Home brings the Delaware Avenue Oyster House flavor to a party that guests will remember.

“We take our food very seriously and we take our business very seriously, but we want to have fun and we know that parties on the Island want to have fun,” Sweeny noted, “and this is just such an incredible enhancement.”

The concierge catering serves a range from small gatherings to an adjunct to a wedding party of 250. It’s to help “celebrate life’s milestones or enjoy an evening at home with friends.”

“What we are finding is that those parties of 40 and 50 are dying for something like this,” Sweeney said of the new offering. “They’re having the people over at their house anyway; they’re going to do some of the things themselves, and this becomes the centerpiece of their cocktail party or brunch.”

Savor in their own words the details outlined by Oyster House At Home’s announcement info:

“The bartender and spirits packages are another opportunity to bring your event to the highest level, and make an impact with your family and friends. Fresh-pressed juice cocktails, martinis and mixed drinks, along with the highest selection of wine and spirits, combine to skyrocket your guest experience.

“It is with the highest attention to detail that their team of oyster gals and guys present your guests with fresh-shucked oysters, clams and more as they grace your party atmosphere wearing our custom-built Prohibition-style cigarette trays, upcycled to hold shaved ice and raw bar items.”

“And it’s going to be in real time,” Sweeney added to describe the live-action shucking. “There’s nothing like a fresh-shucked oyster. The moment it’s shucked is when it needs to be slurped.”

“It’s an experience we’re delivering,” she said. “We want people to feel that they are part of something really unique, to experience the delicacy and also an attention to maybe the theatrics of eating and what we love about coming to restaurants.”

Lobster rolls, crab cakes, oysters Rockefeller, house-smoked mahi-mahi dip and dozens of other items can be seen on the menu online at delawareaveoysterhouse.com/athome. Signature hot sauce and cocktail sauce complement the seafood.

Executive Chef Steve Taggart guided the menu choices so that all of the food can be at the top of its flavor profile after transport and during the party, Sweeney and Freedland said.

“All of the spirits are premium spirits,” Sweeney added. “Our sommelier selected all of the wines to enhance the flavor of that food.”

Guests at home might want to talk East Coast oysters, Barnegat Bay oysters, with the shuckers as they watch – they are trained and educated in-house.

The service will be available beyond summer and into the corporate party and holiday party season.

“Delaware Avenue Oyster House stays open year ’round,” reminded Freeland, “so we still have the capacity from that for the deliveries and operation. So, Oyster House At Home will be able to continue in the off-season. As great as it is for summer, it’s as much for the locals as it is for the tourists; it’s for everybody from near and far.”

Freedland said hosts can be as involved as they wish; others would rather explain what they want and let the concierge catering service handle everything.

“We can take care of this extra piece that will really amp something up to the next level,” she elaborated. “Instead of it being a beach barbecue for the rehearsal dinner, now you’ve got a raw bar. If you don’t want to have to buy all this booze that you don’t know how much to get, you can call us and say, ‘I’ve got 30 people coming; I’d like you to help me make a signature cocktail,’ and we’ll help create that and we’ll send our experienced bartenders to go and have the set ready, prepped and then served.

“We can creatively curate the entire experience.”

For booking and inquiries, email rachael@delawareaveoysterhouse.com or see the website delawareaveoysterhouse.com/athome.

— Maria Scandale


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